Channel V

Big Day Out Interview with Hamish Rosser

Source: Channel V

Date: January 2007

The Vines are back, baby. And they’re loving every minute of it. The Vines made their mark back in 2002 with Highly Evolved, an album that struck a chord with the world music media. After a blazing set at Homebake, expectations are high and so is drummer Hamish’s comic value.

[V]: Your favourite BDO moment?

Hamish Rosser: My best BDO moment was Metallica in 2004. Their set was preceded by a huge electrical storm directly behind the stage – you just can’t buy those kind of pyrotechnics. They opened with Blackened. I lost my mind and decided that I had to get into the front section of the mosh pit, so I crowd-surfed over the barrier, side-stepped security, ran to the front of the stage and screamed at James Hetfield to play Battery until … they played Battery. I lost my mind again (along with a significant percentage of my hearing).

[V]: Who on this year's lineup will bring fans most likely to incite a riot?

Hamish: Fans of the Violent Femmes are not to be underestimated. I expect them to rape, pillage and plunder then burn the place down.

[V]: Who is the most shaggable act on this year's Big Day Out lineup?

Hamish: Jet, particularly Cam “Dreamboat” Muncey.

[V]: Which Aussie muso cannot be killed by conventional weapons, a la the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards?

Hamish: Johnny Farnham cannot be killed by conventional weapons and will probably roam the Earth singing You're the Voice to the cockroaches and rats after a nuclear holocaust.

[V]: What's the filthiest BDO backstage rumour you've ever heard?

Hamish: I heard that Frenzal Rhomb offered a $500 bounty to anyone on the BDO tour that would beat up Alex Lloyd.

[V]: Which current artist should follow Pete Garrett into politics?

Hamish: Joel O’Keefe from Airbourne – Federal Minister of Rock.

[V]: If your band could be Spinal Tap for a day, what would your Top 3 rider demands be?

Hamish: Stonehenge replica (18”), clearly marked directions to the stage and large bread.

[V]: Which music style grinds your gears?

Hamish: Latvian two-step polka because it is massively underrated.

[V]: What will your gravestone read?

Hamish: Rock’n’Roll will never die but this poor bastard did.