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 The Vines' Annandale Hotel Show 8 September 2006 (Night 3)

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Text: wonkytooth

Published: September 8th, 2006

Craig Nicholls/The Vines at Annandale Hotel, Sydney. 8 Sept. 2006. Photo by allie9609.

To put it simply...BEST SHOW EVER!!!

Seriously, they were on fire last night. Highlights were:

1. Ryan and Craig dancing together - Ryan-jig style from Splendour.

2. Craig banging on Brad's bass repeatedly - and in photos it looks like a little something else is going on.

3. Craig's guitar going out of tune during 'Spaceship' causing him to spend the rest of the show laughing and apologizing for it - he said, 'if I promise to play 'Spaceship' better next time, will you see us in Sydney in a bigger venue?'  

4. The crowd at the front was WILD!! lots of pogo-ing and crowd-surfing. The band loved it!! Joey's lip...not so much. She got a bloodied lip from a over-zealous crowd-surfer and actually bled - upside to that? Hamish came over and gave her his drumsticks. Both of them.

5. Apparently people in the back were a little more still and Craig kept getting on to them about that. Right before 'Ms. jackson' he said something like, 'Since you aren't moving I'm gonna have to come back there and get you' - and then he crowd-surfed a little ways out into the crowd before returning to the stage to forward roll back on. 

6. During 'Spaceship' Craig took a little smoke break sitting on hamish's drum riser with his legs crossed and a coke in one hand while the rest of the band played.

7. All you Brad fans listen up!! Male fans started shouting Brad's name over and over during a song break, and Brad blushed and smiled and wouldn't really look up cos he was humbled and embarrassed. Not so Craig... he piped up and said, 'Hey hey hey, lead singer standing right here.' Like, get the attention back on him. It was such a hilarious moment.

8. Craig busting his black boy moves again during 'Ms. jackson' which is one of the show stand-outs every night. '1969', 'Spaceship' and 'Fuk Yeh' and the other two really big crowd pleasers.

9. The audience singing 'Get Free' like we were all taking a shower together or something - it was that loud and off-key - to get the band to come back out for their encore. 

10. Craig smiled and chatted throughout the show between nearly every song - no 'Thank you very mooches' but lots of off-the-cuff humorous things. You could tell all of them were having a blast playing. It was Hamish's girlfriend's birthday, so she got a shout-out, as did our very own megan/somethingfunny. Most of the guy's families were there by the side of the stage and it was cool to see them all getting into their son/brothers' show. Also, we saw Wayne Connolly there Tuesday and Friday night.

They have gotten better and better with each performance - that probably comes from building their confidence and the terrific swell of fan support.

Oops, forgot merch! they're only selling two T-shirts - one white and one black with the vines logo (vine leaf and band name) huge on the front and back. The black one comes with all the tour dates and sells for $35AU. There is also the most gorgeous poster that mathematics designed that advertises the shows and is $20. We all bought that and got it signed - it's really quality looking art too.